Looking For A Survival Emergency Kit To Be Better Prepared

I moved to an area that has a lot of natural disaster threats. My dad is a geologist and a seismologist and he has been studying earthquakes and their patterns for many years. He knows that the dangers are very real around here and he even says that he has trouble sleeping at night when he is over here to visit my brother and I.

My dad has really scared me with what he knows about earthquakes and the threats that are in this area. He says that the next really big one may strike in our lifetime, which is a really scary thought. I have never been through any major natural disasters, so I don’t know too much about being prepared and what I need to be prepared.

Finding a great survival emergency kit will be a nice start for me as I am looking to stock up on some good emergency supplies. I am looking forward to getting an earthquake kit and maybe some other kits to help me be prepared not only for earthquakes, but for wildfires and any other kind of emergency. It will be nice to start to build my preparedness with the emergency kit.